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Venice Non-QM and Sunset DSCR Loans for Foreign Investors in US Properties

Venice Non-QM and Sunset DSCR Loans for Foreign Investors in US Properties

Nonresident investors looking to acquire income properties in the US have various loan options. Choosing the right one, navigating the US paperwork, and understanding all the financial implications can be tricky. Fortunately, HBI’s international lending experts specialize in loans for foreign investors in US properties.

Venice Non-QM loans and Sunset DSCR loans are two such lending options that we have extensive experience with.

About Venice Non-QM Loans for Foreign Investors in US Properties

The US has created a system of lending regulations to safeguard against the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 in the years since it occurred. This includes complex rules for Qualified Mortgage (QM) loans, which come with liability protection for the bank or other lender.

Some mortgage lenders, willing to forgo that protection, now offer non-QM loans that don’t comply with QM standards. They are not subprime loans. But to balance the extra risk for lenders, there are high qualification requirements.

For foreign nationals looking for competitive rates on a loan between $125K and $2.5M to purchase income properties in the US, a Venice Non-QM loan may be a good option.

Venice Non-QM Loans at a Glance

  • Full docs or DSCR qualification
  • Requires two credit references
  • Requires 6-month reserve on subject property
  • Reserve requirement must be deposited into a US account before closing
  • Down payment and closing funds may be wired to the title company
  • Translation must be from a third party but does not need to be certified
  • Gift funds allowed after 10% from borrower’s own funds
  • Increased party contribution up to 5%
  • Second-home investment
  • One-unit only
  • Acceptable visa documents: B-1, B-2, EB-5, NAFTA

About Sunset DSCR Loans for Foreign Investors in US Properties

Sunset DSCR loans are another option to look into for nonresident investors wishing to acquire income properties or a second home in the US with a loan between $75K and $5M.

In case you’re a new investor unfamiliar with the term, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) compares a property’s net operating income to its annual debt service. This allows mortgage lenders to figure out whether the property generates enough revenue to cover its debts.

Sunset DSCR Loans at a Glance

  • Loan amounts from $75K to $5M
  • No income required
  • No foreign tax return
  • Up to 70% LTV
  • No SSN or FICO required
  • Gift funds allowed
  • Investment properties and second homes
  • SFRs, PUDs, condos, 2-4 units
  • Pre-pay options available
  • Acceptable visa documents: B-1, B-2, E-1, E-2, E-3, EB-5, G-1 to G-5, H-1, L-1, NAFTA, NATO, O-1, R-1


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