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Seven Quick Tips for QuickBooks

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QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting software package used by thousands of business owners. The software is user-friendly, secure, and has many features that are useful to manage accounting and finances. However, because of its robust features, transactions, reports, and data, it can be difficult to feel comfortable using the software. Even QuickBooks pros may not know all its features and tricks that can simplify your life. In this post, we’re breaking down some quick tips for QuickBooks use. These seven simple tricks can help you more easily navigate the software even if you have no accounting experience.

1. Use Shortcuts

Like most programs, QuickBooks Online has keyboard shortcuts designed to make it easier to use common features. We’ll include some of the most popular shortcuts below, but you can always explore all the shortcuts using, well, a shortcut. The Windows shortcut is Ctrl + Alt + ? and the iOS shortcut is Ctrl + Option + ?.

ActionWindows/PC ShortcutiOS/Mac Shortcut
Open a New InvoiceCtrl + Alt+ ICtrl + Option + I
Create a New ExpenseCtrl + Alt + XCtrl + Option + X
Receive a PaymentCtrl + Alt + RCtrl + Option + R
Open Your Chart of AccountsCtrl + Alt + ACtrl + Option + A

Additionally, QuickBooks has many useful right-click features within a section so that you don’t have to scroll up to the toolbar. Right-clicking on items will allow you to perform basic commands for each task.

2. Customize Your Layout

To more easily navigate using just the features you need, customize what appears on your icon bar. You can do this by heading to view>customize icon bar. Newer versions of QuickBooks have more customizable user interfaces. You can adjust the layout you’d like to use by going to edit>preferences>desktop view.

3. Turn Off Spell Check

You may have noticed that QuickBooks has a default spell check feature. While it may seem helpful, many words you regularly use like client and product names may be flagged as misspelled. Turn off this feature by unchecking the box that says “always check spelling” under preferences>speller.

4. Set Up Memorized Transactions

Do you have transactions that happen regularly? Make your life easier by automating them! Just click on lists>memorized transaction list>memorized transaction>new group to set up memorized transactions. You can use this feature to pay bills, send invoices, and more.

5. Integrate Online Banking

Add your business bank account to QuickBooks to see your account balances and transactions in the software. These numbers will be automatically uploaded every night, so no data entry is required. Just click on the QuickBooks Online Banking icon on your icon bar to be taken through a tutorial for setting up online banking. Add all your business accounts from credit cards to PayPal to get a holistic look at your finances.

6. Automate Invoices and Expenses

QuickBooks allows users to create recurring invoices for customers that have subscriptions or orders that are the same amount each month. Create a recurring invoice by clicking sales>invoices>create invoice, then setting up the recurring invoice under invoice date.

You can also set up and track recurring expenses so that you don’t have to manually add the transaction every month. To do so, head to the expenses tab and add a new transaction by going to new transactions>expenses. Fill out the form and click the “make recurring” link at the bottom of the page. You can also edit existing transactions by clicking that same “make recurring link” when opening the transaction.

7. Learn with Free Tutorials

QuickBooks Online has written and video tutorials that can help you with any questions or problems you may have. Learn how to create custom invoices, track expenses, and view statements and performance reports anytime.

We hope these quick tips for QuickBooks will help you get started on simplifying your accounting processes. Need more help? HBI Tax provides a full range of cost-effective accounting services including QuickBooks training. Learn more at https://hbitax.com/taxes-and-accounting/business-accounting-services.


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