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Moneycorp: A Payment Solution for Foreign Investors in US Property

Moneycorp: A Payment Solution for Foreign Investors in US Property

Here at HBI, we’re trusted US-based tax, accounting, and financial experts for international companies and investors. We serve many internationally based clients doing business in the United States and who buy and sell investment properties in the US. They rely on our specialized expertise to ensure full compliance with US regulations and minimized tax burdens.

As part of our dedication to providing comprehensive service that saves our clients time, money, and hassles, we’ve partnered with Moneycorp, a leading global payments facilitator. This is of particular interest as a payment solution for foreign investors in US property. It is also helpful for domestic investors purchasing or selling property overseas, as well as anyone making international mortgage payments on their foreign investment properties.

About Moneycorp

Moneycorp is a fast, simple, low-cost way to make and receive payments across national borders and currencies. You get the best possible exchange rate on overseas payments, easy bulk payment options, and convenient payment tracking and confirmations.

Moneycorp is a third party provider, not affiliated with HBI. However, we enthusiastically encourage our clients to take advantage of them as a payment solution for foreign investors in US property and domestic investors in foreign property.

Benefits of Using Moneycorp

Some of the best benefits of using Moneycorp for global payments include:

  • Competitive rates on all transactions
  • No transfer fees on 120+ currencies
  • Fast, secure exchanges
  • Dedicated account managers and expert guidance
  • Personalized risk management solutions
  • Forward contracts
  • Corporate accounts for business transfers

Better than a Bank as a Payment Solution for Foreign Investors in US Property

In addition to the benefits addressed above, Moneycorp offers a huge advantage over money transfers through a bank. If you’re a foreign investor who sells property in the US, a bank requires you to travel to the US to receive your payment. But this is not necessary when getting paid through Moneycorp.

And you won’t only save time and the cost and inconvenience associated with travel to the US. You’ll also get a better currency exchange rate and pay less in fees when using Moneycorp instead of a bank.


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