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2019 US Tax Filing Season – 1040NR & 5472

Non Resident Owners of US Investment Property

As part of our preparation for your US tax compliance, please submit the completed questionnaire and supporting documentation at your earliest opportunity.

Please follow the link(s) below to download the questionnaire, instructions and 2020 calendar of events.

Annual Questionnaire – select SAVE AS (not OPEN) to save the file to your local computer

5472 Questionnaire – select SAVE AS (not OPEN) to save the file to your local computer

Instructions for Completing 2019 Annual Questionnaire

2020 Calendar of Events

For your convenience, in the “Downloadable Forms” section below we’ve provided MS Excel spreadsheets to assist in recording the income and expenses on your rental properties and the preparation of your annual U.S. Income Tax Returns.

Important Note:

Please select the appropriate file below and then select SAVE AS (not OPEN) to save the file to your LOCAL computer.  You will then be able to input  your information into the Spreadsheet & Questionnaire.  Should you have any questions on this procedure please contact our office.

Instructions for Completing 1040NR Questionnaire

Page one – requests general contact information and details of trips to and from the U.S. during the period January 1st to December 31st.  It also reflects the questions now required to be answered on page five of the Non-Resident U.S. Income Tax Return regarding residency and citizenship etc.

Page two – should be completed for EACH property that you owned and rented during the period January 1st to December 31st.  Please enter your income and expenditure for each rental property in the relevant sections.

Instructions for Completing 5472 Questionnaire

Report transactions including but not limited to:

  • Purchase or sale of property
  • Dissolution of entity
  • Use of your rental property by you or friends and family where fair market rent was not collected
  • Transfer funds from yourself personally to the entity (contribute personal funds to the entity)
  • Transfer funds from the entity to yourself personally (distribution of funds)
  • NOTE – Filing deadline for Form 5472 is April 15th, 2020 – Penalty for not filing is $25,000

Receipts & Record Keeping – please provide COPIES of receipts for major additions, improvements & upgrades (individual items of greater than $500 value).

Please Note:

if your management company purchased items on your behalf then the management company statement is effectively your receipt. We do not require any other supporting documentation although you must retain proof of the expenditure that you claim should the IRS request evidence. We strongly recommend that you retain copies of ALL tax returns and supporting documentation for a period of seven years AFTER the sale of your U.S. property should the IRS audit your account.

Still Have Questions?

For additional assistance in completing our questionnaire please see our series of HBI Video Guides.

Change or Addition to Properties

If you purchased additional properties in the United States, or refinanced the loan on your existing property during the tax year, please provide details of the purchase/refinance along with copies of the closing statement, mortgage documents (where appropriate) and furniture package purchase price. If you sold a property during the tax year and our firm did not prepare form 8288-B “Application for Exemption from Withholding” for you, please also provide a copy of the final closing statement along with details of any withholding tax submitted to the IRS on form 8288-A.


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