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15 Good Reasons to Consult a Financial Adviser

15 Good Reasons to Consult a Financial Adviser

Many people wrestle with the decision about whether to hire a financial adviser or financial planner. Sometimes, it seems counterproductive to spend the money when you’re so focused on getting out of debt, saving, or growing your wealth. But a good financial adviser is an investment that delivers returns. But, while it’s a personal decision—on the should largely be determined by how much you enjoy managing your own finances and how successful you are at it—there are some common compelling reasons to consult a financial adviser.

When You Should Hire a Financial Adviser

  1. You got married and could use some direction managing you and your spouse’s finances.
  1. You need to do some financial planning in preparation for having a baby.
  1. You got divorced or became widowed and could use some help managing your finances as a single person.
  1. You want to start investing and don’t know much about it or don’t enjoy begin too involved in it.
  1. You do like handling your investments, but want a professional opinion about how you’re going about it.
  1. You’re ready to start your retirement planning.
  1. You’ll be retiring soon and want to get a clear view of where you stand, how to budget, etc.
  1. You have aging parents and need to plan for their care.
  1. You need guidance to minimize your tax liability.
  1. You suddenly have a significant increase in your income.
  1. You’re overwhelmed by debt.
  1. You’ve just gotten out of debt and want to use the money you’ve been using for payments wisely.
  1. You recently came into a considerable sum of money, such as an inheritance or an award.
  1. You aren’t meeting your savings or other financial planning goals.
  1. Your financial situation is just too complex to manage on your own.

If any of these apply, you definitely have one or more good reasons to consult a financial adviser.


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